Review of 5 Lions Megaways slot machine, where you can get up to 5000x

5 Lions Megaways game splash screen

The 5 Lions Megaways slot machine is an exciting Chinese-style online casino slot from provider Pragmatic Play with high volatility and an RTP of 95.50%. It has 6 reels and up to 117649 ways to win per spin! You can play for money and for free in demo mode.

The main features of this slot are:

  • Megaways mechanics from BTG with variable number of symbols in rows from 2 to 7;
  • 10 regular symbols among which the Red Lion with 25 times the bet and 2 special symbols (Wild and Bonus) are considered premium;
  • The function of random multipliers when Wild up to x40;
  • Bonus spins with a choice of 7 freespins and multipliers;
  • Maximum potential winnings of 5000x bet;
  • Buy Bonus Round feature;
  • Additional Ante bet to increase the chances of getting the bonus.

5 Lions Megaways offers plenty of opportunities for lucrative combinations and big casino wins. On this site, we will tell you about them in detail.

How to win in 5 Lions Megaways

To win in 5 Lions Megaways, you need a combination of at least 3 identical symbols from left to right on adjacent reels. There can be up to 7 symbols on each of the 6 reels. Thus, there are a total of 117649 possible winning combinations in the game, and the maximum winnings can be up to 5000x!

If you collect 3 or more symbols from the second reel, it will not be considered a winning combination, it is important that the symbols come from the first reel and do not break empty row vertically.

Winning lines
An example of a winning lines scheme.

Symbols in 5 Lions Megaways

The game features 10 regular symbols in the form of a red lion, phoenix, frog, fish, turtle, as well as K, A, 10, J and Q symbols. Also added to this are the Wild symbol in the form of the Golden Lion and the bonus symbol in the form of the Yin and Yang sign. You can check out their image and multipliers in the slot below.

🤷🏾‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ It is not very clear why other sites reviewing symbols write about dragons, when here are clearly depicted Chinese lions and even by the name of the slot “5 Lions Megaways” you can guess that the main characters – lions.

Dragon symbol
Red Lion
  • 6 — x25
  • 5 — x4
  • 4 — x2
  • 3 — x1
Phoenix symbol
  • 6 — x5
  • 5 — x2.5
  • 4 — x1.25
  • 3 — x0.75
Frog symbol
  • 6 — x5
  • 5 — x1.5
  • 4 — x0.75
  • 3 — x0.5
Fish symbol
  • 6 — x2.5
  • 5 — x1.25
  • 4 — x0.5
  • 3 — x0.3
Turtle symbol
  • 6 — x2.5
  • 5 — x1
  • 4 — x0.5
  • 3 — x0.3
A symbol
  • 6 — x1.25
  • 5 — x0.5
  • 4 — x0.3
  • 3 — x0.2
K symbol
  • 6 — x1.25
  • 5 — x0.5
  • 4 — x0.3
  • 3 — x0.2
Q symbol
  • 6 — x1
  • 5 — x0.4
  • 4 — x0.2
  • 3 — x0.1
J symbol
  • 6 — x1
  • 5 — x0.4
  • 4 — x0.2
  • 3 — x0.1
10 symbol
  • 6 — x1
  • 5 — x0.4
  • 4 — x0.2
  • 3 — x0.1
Wild symbol

Replaces the symbols

Bonus symbol

Gives freespins

What are the highest paying symbols in the game from the common ones

The highest paying symbol in the 5 Lions Megaways game is the Red Lion. It gives you a win of 25 times your bet. For example, if you bet €100 and collect 6 lions, you will win €2,500. This is the premium symbol of the game.

Other high paying symbols are Phoenix, Frog, Fish, and Turtle. And the lowest paying ones are K, A, 10, J, Q. Below we have made a table in descending order of symbols by their payout ratio.

Red Lionx1x2x4x25
K, Ax0.2x0.3x0.5x1.25
10, J, Qx0.1x0.2x0.4x1

Wild symbol: a chance to get up to 40x the winnings

The Wild symbol in the form of the Golden Lion is designed to substitute for other symbols to become part of a winning combination. This applies to all symbols except the Bonus in the form of the Yin and Yang. It can only fall out on reels 2 through 5.

In addition, in 5 Lions Megaways, a Wild always triggers a random multiplier function which, provided the Wild is part of a winning combination, can add 1x, 2x, 3x, 3x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 15x, 30x or 40x to the winnings.

For example: You have a Lion on the first reel, a Wild on the second reel, and a Lion on the third reel. In this case, the Wild symbol replaces the Lion on the second reel and you get a winning combination of 3 lions.

An example of the operation of a Wild symbol

Bonus symbol: opportunity to get up to 100x your bet and 25 spins

The Bonus symbol in the form of Yin and Yang triggers a bonus with free spins, to get them you need to collect at least 3 symbols no matter where on the reel they will be.

Example of a bonus symbol

Before triggering the free spins, 5 Lions Megaways slot machine pays out winnings from 3x to 100x your bet when playing for money or in demo, the multiplier depends on the number of Bonus on the reel:

  • 3 Bonus – 3x;
  • 4 Bonus – 5x;
  • 5 Bonus – 25x;
  • 6 Bonus – 100x.

For example: if you get 3 symbols at a bet of 100 euros, you will first get 300 euros, and then the function with free spins will start.

After that you will be given 7 options to choose from with the number of spins and Wild multipliers.

A selection of free spins with a multiplier of 5 Lions Megaways
  • 25 freespins, multipliers are 2x, 3x, 5x;
  • 20 freespins, multipliers – 3x, 5x, 8x;
  • 15 freespins, multipliers – 5x, 8x, 10x;
  • Mystical – randomly selects the number of spins and multipliers from other options, for example you can get 25 spins and a multiplier of 15x, 30x, 40x.
  • 13 freespins, multipliers – 8x, 10x, 15x;
  • 10 freespins, multipliers – 10x, 15x, 30x;
  • 6 freespins, multipliers – 15x, 30x, 40x.

The multiplier works in the same way as we wrote above – when the Wild will be part of a winning combination, you will randomly get a multiplier from the number that was in the selected variant.

For example: if you have multipliers of 15x / 30x / 40x in the selected free spins round, then only from that range will they be applied.

If during the free spins round you have 3 to 6 Bonus symbols falling again, you will have additional rounds activated with the number of spins already selected in the active round.

For example: you have the option “25 freespins, multipliers – 2x, 3x, 5x” selected in the active round, therefore, you can get additional 25 spins and multipliers 2x, 3x, 5x.

Buy a bonus with a round of free freespins

If you don’t want to waste your time and spin the reel in 5 Lions Megaways slot waiting for 3 or more Bonus symbols to fall, you can buy this feature at any time for an amount of 100x your bet.

To do this you need to click on the “Buy Free Spins” box to the right of the playing field, the amount of the purchase will be indicated there, after which you need to either confirm or cancel the purchase of the bonus round.

Purchase of free spins

Once purchased, the reel will start spinning and 3 Yin and Yang bonus symbols will fall out, you will receive a win 3x your bet and a window will open where you have to choose 1 of 7 options.

A selection of free spins with a multiplier of 5 Lions Megaways

Bet Ante

This is an additional feature that increases your bet by 25% and doubles your chance of getting more Bonus symbols on the reel. Bet Ante does not affect the multipliers on the payouts for winning combinations.

The Ante bet

If you have this feature activated, you will not be able to buy bonus rounds with free spins.

Drop Feature in 5 Lions Megaways

The 5 Lions Megaways slot uses a feature whereby if you collect a winning combination, it pays out, all symbols disappear and in their place fall other symbols that can also collect a combination and all for one bet!

This falling will continue as long as you manage to collect winning combinations. After that, you winnings will be added to your balance.

A few strategies and schemes that can increase the amount and the chance of winning

  • Utilizing the Ante bet. The feature doubles your chances of getting Yin and Yang symbols to trigger free spins, which increases the probability of getting lucrative x40 multipliers during free spins.
  • Buying Free Spins. To avoid waiting for 3 or more Yin and Yang symbols to fall on your reel and activate free spins, you can buy them and you’ll have a chance to get a x40 multiplier.
  • Use the multiplier for wild symbols. You won’t be able to influence the Wild in the game, but if you catch one, you can get a multiplier of up to x40, provided the Wild is part of a winning combination.
  • Place maximum bets. In this slot, the maximum potential winnings are 5000x the total bet. Maximum bets allow you to take full advantage of the possibility of big wins.

Video of a player getting 5000x to his bet

Here the player took advantage of the buy in bonus where he put together a combination from the first free spin and got 5000x.

Interface review

The interface in the game is not confusing, made in bright colors of Chinese theme. The slot machine uses the mechanics of Megaways from BTG, where there are 6 reels, and in the rows can be from 2 symbols. Below we will tell you about the main settings.


Setting up bids

In order to change the bet, you need to click on “+” or “-” and select the desired value, which is available in the slot.

Spin Drum

To start spinning the drum, you need to press the round arrow icon in the lower left corner or you can press or hold the space bar if you are playing from a computer.🔄

Game customization

If you click on the “Burger” icon with three bars at the bottom right, you will open the main settings of the 5 Lions Megaways slot machine, where you can customize:

  • Reel Scroll Accelerations;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Background music;
  • Sound effects;
  • Show or not the splash screen when the game starts;
  • Manage your bet;
  • View your betting history (available in cash games).
System Settings

Rules of the game

Clicking on the icon “i” opens all the information on the game 5 Lions Megaways, where you can read the rules, familiarize yourself with all the symbols and functions of the slot. To flip, click on the green icons to the right/left.

The 5 Lions Megaways Rules

Auto Play

If you click “Auto Play” in the bottom left corner, it will open its settings, where you can select turbo spins, fast play, show/don’t show screen and specify the number of spins from 10 to 1000.